About Us

Relevance and Meaning

An idea unfolds in our mind; we grasp possibilities, assemble them together into thought and present the thought in the form of our idea.

Thought processes are different for each of us and there is no limit to ideas. An idea is pioneering or an innovation when it is perceived as something relevant and meaningful.

When this happens, ideas become permanent and develop into cultural sign-posts that indicate important moments in human development and give us historical references, stability, a sense of belonging or a starting point for other ideas.

Any idea, not relevant or meaningful, will be lost in time.

Relevance and Meaning also suggest completeness, completeness suggests simplicity. We aim for this sense of completeness.

Today, in our fragmented, non-idealistic society, connected by instant and continuous communication, relevance and meaning are difficult to recognize, even though they are incessantly present in everything around us.

Industreal is relevant and meaningful; continuous but not instant; we are the stable starting point for our next ideas.